Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

My friend Mary Newton aka LadyOz asked me to write a tutorial telling how I created the  personalized candy bar wrappers I had told her about.  
So the first thing I did was go to my friends Sharon Jenkins and Mary Bergen  who had gotten me started in the first place.  
With their guidance I have come up with some simple (I hope) instructions. 
The candy bar was made from a tutorial I found at Angie's Art  Thanks Angie. 
[Another site that has closed] Bummer
 Mary has just written her first tutorial and you can find it here.    
©Doodles by LadyFox  03/03/03

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This tutorial was done with PSP7  but could be done with other versions.

Paint Shop Pro   -  Download a trial version    
Wrapper Templates  .zip file 
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers

Remember to SaveOften

Drag the arrow to mark your place

1. Lets Begin
Unzip the templates 
template-Hershey-plain fits the 1.55 ounce plain Hershey bar 
template-Hershey-almond fits the 1.45 Hershey with Almonds bar 
Each template has two wrappers fits on a standard sheet of paper 

Open the template of your choice 
Shift + D to make a duplicate image 
Close the original 
File/Save As:  wrapper.psp

2. Decorate As Desired
I use separate layers for each item so I can arrange them easier 
Notice the glue here.  You can use glue or double stick tape  
This is not on the template just put it here to remind us where to glue 
Once you are happy with your wrapper, merge the layers
3.  Page Set Up
File/Page Setup 

Make sure Landscape is checked and that Scale: 100 
Also make sure Fit to page is NOT marked

4. Changing The Resolution  For Sharper Printing
I used the Hershey with Almond Template here so if you are using another  
one you need to adjust the numbers to match 

The template was done at 72 dpi  and is 703 x 369 pixels 
Mary suggests printing at 200 dpi for a crisper print. 
She also prints on photo paper for glossier wrappers. 

 Images/Resize and tick the radio button in front of  Actual / Print Size 
Write down the size in inches and make sure  
Resize all layers and Maintain aspect ratio are both checked 
Enter 200 in to the Resolution Box... the program will then tell you that at that  
dpi the size of your graphic will be 3.515 x 1.845 inches 
Change the 3.515 to the 9.765 figure and the 1.845 will automatically become 5.126 
Click OK.  Voila... You now have much clearer cleaner text in the smaller sizes 
Keeping in mind that even at the 1953 x 1025  size it will still print out exactly  
the same size as the 703 x 369

5. Print
File/Print Preview to see how it looks 
Ctrl + P to print it out 
Cut out and replace the brown wrapper with your beautiful new wrapper.
6. Bonus
Sharon Jenkins had provided two great templates 
A Lolly-Card and a Cocoa Packet  
Want to make a greeting card to match your wrappers? 
Mary Newton aka LadyOz has a great tutorial with a template, check it out. 
Thank You for trying this tutorial hope you enjoyed it Happy Creating
©Doodles by LadyFox  03/03/03
If you have any questions or need help,  feel free to email me LadyFox
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