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This tutorial is my own creation.  
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This tutorial was done with PSP9   
but could be done with other versions.

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.   
It is my hope that you will take what I provide 
and do your own thing with it. 



Paint Shop Pro -  Download a trial version 
LF_pinstripe1 - place in your Textures folder
A tube or image of your choice  
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers  

Remember to SaveOften
STEPS - These are the steps I used.

Drag the arrow to mark your place

I am going to use circle for this tutorial. It can be done on any vector shape, however shapes with out sharp corners work best.


Lets Begin

New Image  450x450
File/Save As: stitching.pspimage

View/ Grid [Ctrl+Alt+G]
View/ Change Grid, Guide & Snap Properties
Click the Grid tab
Under Current image settings, change:
Horizontal and Vertical grids to: 225
Units: Pixels
Color: Red


 Drawing The Shape

  Foreground color: Black
Background Color: White
I used #d6cea0 to make the screen shots show up better

New Vector Layer: shape

Preset Shape Tool [P]
Shape: Ellipse
Retain style: NOT Checked
Anti-alias: Checked
Create as vector: Checked

Line style: +Solid
Width: 1

Hold down the Shift Key while drawing an ellipse to force it into a circle
{15x15 to 206x206}
3. Adding The Stitching
  Foreground Style: Null
Background Color: Black

New Vector Layer: X's

Text Tool [T]
Create as: Vector
Direction: Horizontal and Down
Font: Ariel
Size: 14
Alignment: Left
Anti-alias: Sharp
Auto kern: Checked
Kerning: -122
Run the cursor over the curve until you see
Click the mouse and the Text window will open up

Just Type Capitol X's until the circle fills

Right Click/ Convert to path
If you use a font that is not installed on your computer, it is important to Convert to path. Otherwise the next time you open the image and do not have the font open, PSP will convert the font to one that is installed on your computer. Once it is converted the letters will stay as you saved them.
If you move the shape, the letters will move too. This comes in handy if you didn't leave enough room at the edge for the text
4. Let's Try Another One
  Active Layer: shape
Click on the Ellipse to select it

Object Selection Tool [O]
Right Click/ Copy [Ctrl+C]
Right Click/ Paste New Vector Selection [Ctrl+G]
Place in the center of the second box

New Vector Layer: W's

Same settings as above but change
Kerning to: 0

Type a line of W's until the circle is filled with no letters overlapping.

You should have a small gap between the start and end we are going to fix that.

Place the cursor at the end of the line of W's
Hold down the Shift Key and move to the front of the line, selecting all the W's

Now try changing the Kerning starting with 5 and working upward until the ends meet
I used 15
Click OK

Right Click/ Convert to path
5. Let's Try some 7's
  Active Layer: shape

Copy and paste into the third box

New Vector Layer: 7's

Following the steps above make a line of 7's

I used -74 for the Kerning

Right Click/ Convert to path

Active Layer: shape

Copy and paste into the fourth box
6. Now Some T's
  New Vector Layer T's

Following the steps above make a line of T's
Right Click/ Convert to path
7. Increase Size Of The Shape
  Pen Tool [V]
Mode: Edit

Click on one of the circles to select it

Double Click on any node to select them all

Look for the Transform Icon in the tool bar
Click the right arrow to expand

Click the down arrow and select expand from the drop down window
Expansion X: 15.00
Expansion Y: 15.00
Click the check mark to the right of the expansion boxes

You can now convert all the layers to Raster Layers
8. Time To Decorate
  New Raster Layer: decor
Layers/ Arrange/ Bring to Top

Add a Tube or image

Effects/ Texture Effects/ Texture

Active Layer: shape

Effects/ Texture Effects/ Texture

Layers/ Merge Visible

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial


 Some Other Shapes

Mary B.


©Doodles by LadyFox  09/23/07

If you have any questions or need help,  feel free to email me LadyFox


Doodles by LadyFox

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