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This tutorial was done using PSP6

but could be done with other versions.

This is a long tutorial so I decided to do an experiment and just put it here with the basics and very little dialog.

Screen shots have been resized to make load time faster. 

Paint Shop Pro  -
DSB Flux filter from  
A basic knowledge of PSP & working with vectors and layers.


Drag the arrow to mark your place

New image 500 x 500 pixels. 
Resolution: 72, Background Color: Transparent 
Image Type 16.7 million colors [24 bit] 
File/Save As and name it SnowmanSign.psp
Save Often .

Foreground Color - white #FFFFFF 
Preset Shapes Toolwith the following settings: 
Shape Type: Ellipse, 
Style: filled 
Line Width: [doesn't matter when Filled is selected]. 
Check both the Antialias and Create as Vector boxes. 
Place an ellipse about for the head. Just above the center of the page. I started at about 250 x 200. and made my ellipse about 150 pixels wide. 
Vector Object Selection Tool 
right click on ellipse, then click on node edit. 
Use the vector nodes and handles to shape your head if needed. 
Layer/Convert to Raster. 
Layer/Properties - Name this layer: Head
With the Magic Wand select the ellipse. 
Click on it to float. 
Selections/Save to Alpha Channel. 
Shadow Color: Black #000000 
Opacity: 60 - Blur: 62 - Offsets: 0/0 
Image/Effects/Drop Shadow. 
Shadow Color: Black 
Opacity: 100 - Blur: 3.5 - Offsets: 1/1  .


Change Foreground Color: Black #000000 
Preset Shapes Tool 
Change Shape Type: to Pentagon 
Draw a small pentagon for the eye. Adjust shape if needed. 
Layer/Convert to Raster. 
Layer Pallet - Duplicate eye layer.  Image/Mirror. 
Turn off all but the two eye layers. 
Layer Pallet [make sure one of the eye layers is highlighted] 
Merge Visible. 
Name this layer: Eyes 
Select and float both eyes. 
Image/Effects/Inner Bevel and choose the Round Setting
Width: 14 
Smoothness: 15 - Depth: 12 - Ambience: 0 - Shininess: 50 
Color: white - Angle: 315 - Intensity: 50 - Elevation: 30 
Apply and keep selected. 
Image/Effects/Drop Shadow. Opacity: 100, Blur: 8.5 Offsets: 0/0


Change Foreground Color: orange #FF7843 
Change Preset Shape Toolto triangle and draw a small triangle for his nose.  
Vector Object Selection Tool 
Go to the top center box and click and drag it straight down to reverse the triangle.  
Rotate and move the shape.  .

Right click - node edit 
Select one of two nodes on the base of the triangle. Type CTRL + S 
Repeat with the other bottom node. 
This rounds out the flat end.  Use the nodes and handles to shape your nose.  .

 Convert layer to Raster. Name this layer Nose
Magic WandSelect Nose 
Image/Effects/Inner Bevel 
Round setting but change: 
Width: 8 - Smoothness: 50 - Depth: 5 - Ambiance: 21 - Shininess: 65 
Color: #FD8095 - Angle: 270 - Intensity: 20 - Elevation: 46 
Keep selected. 
Image/Effects/Drop Shadow 
Shadow Color: black 
Opacity: 100 - Blur: 3.5 - Offsets: 1/1 
Deselect.  .


New layer - name it Cheeks 
Change Foreground Color: pink  #FFC0C0 
Style: round - Size: 27 - Hardness: 17 
Opacity: 28 - Step: 65 - Density: 31 
Paint on some color for his cheeks 
Blur Gaussian - Blur: 8.00  . 
Drag the cheek layer below the nose layer. 
While still on the cheek layer Selections/Load from alpha channel - load the head selection - invert and hit delete once to get rid of the blur splash over.


New layer name it Mouth
Change Foreground Color: Black. 
Draw Tool  
Type: Bezier Curve Line or Freehand line 
Style: Stroked, 
Line Width: 2 
Antialias checked - Create as Vector optional 
Draw a curve for your mouth, then the 2 semicircles at the ends.  .

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