Let's Make A Poinsettia

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.  This tutorial was done with PSP6 
but can be done with other versions.
Paint Shop Pro -  Download a trial version 
file - containing a poinsettia picture I scanned from  some wrapping paper and  my pearl tube    
 dsb flux filter  
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers  


Drag the arrow to mark your place

  .Open pattern.psp 
Shift + D to open a new copy of it. 
Close original 
Save as poinsettia.psp 
Promote to layer 
Rename layer=pattern 
Save Often 
Select foreground and background colors 
I used #800000 and #C00000 
Preset Shape Tool:  
Type: ellipse 
Style: stroked and filled 
Line Width: 1 
Antialias and Create as Vector both checked..
2. Draw Petals
Draw a skinny ellipse.  Then use the handles to rotate and move the ellipse until it lines up with one of the back petals.  
screen shot 1  
I make all my ellipses for that layer before doing my node editing.   
screen shot 2
3. Shape Petals

First select the Vector Object Selection Tool  
Click on any ellipse to activate its vector controls. Right click and select node edit. 
You will now see just an outline with nodes. Use the nodes and handles to shape your petal. 
To add more nodes hold down the ctrl key while moving the mouse over the line until you see "ADD" then click the mouse to set the node. 
Then while still holding down the ctrl  key hit the "x key" this [ctrl + x] sets nodes to Cusp. Cusp lets you move each handle independently. 
Once petal is like you want it right click then click on quit node editing. 
When you get one petal the way you want it,  SAVE then repeat  on another petal. Once you have all the petals done on one layer convert the layer to raster. 
[Note] I convert each layer  to raster once I am happy with it, BUT I do not merge  layers until the end]   
screen shot 3 
Continue adding layers and petals until I have the flower..

4. Leaves
  Now do the same for the leaves. 
I used colors #55503B and #696A44.
5. Leaf Detail
Add a new layer 
Grab your Draw Tool 
Shape Type: freehand line 
Style: stroked 
Line width :2 
Antialias and Vector both checked 
Draw some lines down the middle of the leaves using color #3F402E. 
When the lines are the way you want them convert layer to raster. 
Then apply a blur image/blur/gaussian blur radius 1.00. 
Merge leaf layer and line layer. 
You can now delete the pattern layer.
6. The Berries
Add a new layer 
Picture Tube: cdr_pearls1 
scaled to 30 and place a few berries 
Add a new layer- scale 25 few more berries. 
Add one more layer - scale 20 more berries 
NOTE: You are now going to do two steps to each layer, so keep each selection through steps 7 & 8.
7. Add Depth 

Looks pretty good just like this but lets add some depth.   
screen shot 4 
With the Magic Wand Tool click on an empty area Go to selections/invert click to float the selection. 
Go to image/effects/cutout/  and apply the settings below 
Shadow Color #3F402E - for leaves 
Shadow Color #800000 - for petals 
Shadow Color #black - for berries 
Opacity:88  Blur:28.1 Offsets 0/0 - for leaf and petals
screen shot 5 
Change settings to: 
Opacity:54 Blur:9 Offsets 0/0 - for the berries 
Keep Selected .

8. Add Texture

Go to image/plug-in filters/dsb flux/Bright Noise - intensity:31  direction: mix 
[Unlike PSP this filter does not stay on the settings until you change them, you have to set the intensity every layer]
screen shot 6 .

9. Add Some Shadows
Merge the berry layers. 
You should now have this something like this:   
screen shot 7 
Almost done. 
Apply drop shadow to each layer 
Shadow Color: black 
Opacity:100 Blur:31.8 Offsets:0/0
screen shot 8 
I love the way each layer seems to pop up as the drop shadow is applied. .
10. Tube That Sucker

Turn off the leaf layers and merge the petal and berry layers and tube them without leaves. 
Then merge all layers and Tube with leaves. 
screen shot 0

11. Final Touches
You can stop here but I thought the flower seemed to have lost some of the velvety look I was after. 
So hit the undo until you are back with two layers and apply the dsb flux to the flower layer 1 more time.


©Doodles by LadyFox 12/03/01

If you have any questions or need help,  feel free to email me LadyFox


The Group at PSP Magic did this tutorial as one of their lessons

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