Mandala Gems

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This tutorial was done with PSP9   
but could be done with other versions.

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.   
It is my hope that you will take what I provide 
and do your own thing with it. 



Paint Shop Pro -  Download a trial version 
A tube to work with I used some Nonny tubes
I have provided the ones tube I used.
Also in the zip file is my sparkle tube
For the beads I used some images from Morgue File.  I have included them in the zip file
Super Blade Pro - this is not a free filter but I think glass is one of the ones that work in the demo
Basic knowledge of layers  

Remember to SaveOften
STEPS - These are the steps I used.

Drag the arrow to mark your place

I started experimenting using tubes and the frames were born


Let's Make Some Gems

New Image 400x400

Open nonny-2009-scan-T-winter03
Edit Copy [Ctrl+C]

Go to new image
Selections/ Select All [Ctrl+A]

Edit/ Paste/ Paste Into Selection [Ctrl+Shift+A]

Close the tube image

Effects/ Reflection Effects/ Kaleidoscope

Selections/ Float [Ctrl+F]
Selections/ Defloat [Ctrl+Shift+F]

Effects/ Plugins/ Eye Candy 4000/ Glass
Click on Settings and select: Clear Glass

Click on the Glass Color box and change the color to white

Image/ Crop to Selection

I have included my sparkle tube if you care to add some sparkles

Picture Tube Tool [I]
Tube: LF_Sparkle
Scale: 75

Place a couple of sparkles

Save and Close


Gem 2
  Same tube as above

Sometimes you end up with stuff you don't want

Selection tool [S]
Selection type: Circle
Select the part you want to keep leaving a little working room

Image/ Crop to Selection [Shift+R]

Eye Candy 4000/ Glass

Add sparkles if desired
3. Gem 3
  Open tube: nonny-2008-3d_flowers08_mac

4. Gem 4
  Open tube: nonny-2008-food-fruitbowl

Lets Make Some Beads

I scoured the internet looking for tutorials on making pearls.  I think I did everyone too, but nothing did exactly what I was looking for. Tephra's tutorials came the closest and they  were a big help in creating this tutorial.

5. Making Beads
  Open image S-101222-001-Jagged

Effects/ Reflection Effects/ Kaleidoscope

Selection Tool [S]
Selection Type: Circle
Mode: Replace
Feather: 1
Anti-alias: checked
Select the portion you want to use

Edit/ Copy [Ctrl+C]
Edit/ Paste/ Paste as New Image [Ctrl+V]

Close the original image without saving

File/ Save as bead-001.pspimage

6. Making The Master Bead
  Image/ Resize [Shift+S]
Pixel Dimensions
Width: 50
Height: 50

Resample using: Bilinear
Lock aspect ratio: Checked
Resize all layers: Checked

Image/ Canvas size
Width: 200
Height: 200

Gives us a little working room

Don't worry if shading is too dark or too light we will adjust it at t he end

Magic Wand Tool
Mode: Replace
Match Mode: RGB Value
Tolerance: 5
Contiguous: Checked
Feather: 1
Anti-alias: Checked

Click outside the image

Name selection: bead

Selections/ Invert [Ctrl+Shift+I]

New Raster Layer - shadow
Effects/ 3D Effects/ Cutout
Offsets: 10
Opacity: 100
Blur: 55
Shadow color: #000000

New Raster Layer: glow
Selections/ Load/Save Selection/ Load Selection From Alpha Channel
Selections/ Invert [Ctrl+Shift+I]

Selections/ Modify/ Contract
Number of pixels: 35

Flood Fill Tool [F]
Fill with #ffffff

Magic Wand Tool 
Click in the center of the white circle to float it
Right click on the edge of the circle selection and drag it to the edge

Selections/ Select None [Ctrl+D]
Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian Blur
Radius: 15

Load Selection from the alpha Channel
Tap the Del Key

Selections/ Invert [Ctrl+Shift+I]
New Raster Layer: edge

Flood Fill Tool [F]
Fill with #000000

Selections/ Modify/ Contract
Number of pixels: 6

Tap the Del Key

selections/ Select None [Ctrl+D]
Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian Blur
Radius: 5

Load Selection from the alpha Channel
Tap the Del Key

New Raster Layer: highlight

Selection Tool [S]

Make a small circle in the center
Fill it with white

Magic Wand Tool 
Click in the center of the white circle to float it
Right click on the edge of the circle selection and drag it toward the upper edge

Selections/ Defloat [Ctrl+Shift+F]
Right click on the edge of the selection and move it downward leaving a crescent shape outside the selection

Tap the Del Key
Select None

selections/ Select None [Ctrl+D]
Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian Blur
Radius: 5

This is going to be our master bead
Save a copy as bead-master and close it for later

On your bead image adjust the layers as desired
I set mine as:
Shadow: 58
Glow: 63
Edge: 60
Highlight: 100

Also play around with Layer Blend Modes

7. Making The Tube
  Once you have your bead the way you want it,
Layers/ Merge/ Merge Visible

Magic Wand Tool
Click outside the circle
Selection/ Invert

Image/ Crop to Selection [Shift+R]

File/ Export/ Picture Tube

A word about resizing

The image shows 1st the tube set at 100% 
then the tube at 50%
Finally the bead resized 50%
You can see the difference.
8. Other Settings

Resize 50%

Open bead-master

Shift+D to duplicate
Close the original

Active layer: Raster 1

Back to the bead image 
Edit/ Copy [Ctrl+C]

Back to the bead master
Edit/ Paste/ Paste as a new layer

If the new bead is bigger, just load the selection and delete the excess

Adjust the shading as desired

SpiderJulcpx_33a - Experiment with this image, it creates lots of different effects


 I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

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