I want to  thank Liz Feitelberg of Simply Pixelating© for allowing me to post her tutorials here.

Liz uses Paint Shop Pro 6.2 for her tutorials although most contain changes for Paint shop Pro 7 and can be done with other versions.

She has several great tutorials using KPT [Kai's Power Tools].
Unfortunately these programs are no longer available but if you have them and like me need help using them, then these tutorials are for you.



Folk Art Trees

Bezier Bows

Light Beams

Wooden Vector Hearts  Bezier Flowers 
Lace Doilies Sun Glasses Fantasy Feathers
Lighthouse Kaleidoscope Frames Glitter
Country Hat Mardi Gras Masks Olde Paechment
Painted Stencil Shapes Pearl Wrap Sandstone Texture
Smudged Petals Stained Glass Topiaries
Checkerboard Fills Gold Frame Grapes
Sheep Picket Fence Posts Super Easy Quilt Blocks
Stars of David Picnic Throws Melting Snow
Leaf Mask Black and White Colorful Drop Shadows
Lights Sunburst
Calling Cards Seamless Muted Backgrounds
Perspective Shadows
Moving Saved Selections Seamless Muted Backgrounds 2
Smart Edge Selections
Wooden Floor Tiles Copyright Information Transparent GIFs