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This tutorial was done with PSP7  but could be done with other versions.

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.    

It is fine to make yours exactly as I did mine, but it is my hope that  
you will do it your way and make it uniquely yours.

Paint Shop Pro   -    Download a trial version
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers

Remember to SaveOften  
STEPS - These are the steps I used.

Drag the arrow to mark your place

1. Make A Petal
New Image  100 x 100 
File/Save As: petal.psp 

Foreground Color: #A962AE 
Background Color: #CD9DDF 
Foreground Style: Null 
Background Style: Gradient 
Gradient: Foreground Background 
Style: Linear 
Angle: 45 
Repeats: 1 
Invert gradient: not checked 

Preset Shape: Ellipse 
Antialias: checked 
Create as vector: checked 

Draw out a circle shape 
Object Selector 
Right Click: Node Edit 

Add 4 nodes 
Double click on any of the nodes to select them all 
Right click/Node Type/Cusp 
Use the nodes and handles to shape the petal 
Convert to Raster 

Foreground color: #DDCA73 
Background style: null 

Shape: Round 
Size: 8 
Hardness: 100 
Opacity: 100 
Step: 25 
Density: 100 

Place the cursor at 50,50 and left click once

2. Add Some Shading
Retouch Tool 

Shape: Round 
Size: 5 
Hardness: 50 
Opacity: 70 
Step: 1 
Density: 50 

Smudge the edges of the center slightly 

Retouch Tool 

Lighten RGB 
Shape: Round 
Size: 5 
Hardness: 25 
Opacity: 25 
Step: 25 
Density: 25 

Darken RGB 
Shape: Round 
Size: 5 
Hardness: 5 
Opacity: 37 
Step: 25 
Density: 25 

Use the tools to add some shape to the petal. 

3.  Tube The Petal
New Image 400 x 100 
View/Change Grid and Guide Properties 
units: pixels 
Horizontal spacing: 100 
Vertical spacing: 100 

Edit/Paste as a new selection 
paste one petal in the center of each block 

Select the second petal 
Image/Rotate   45° 

Select the third petal 

Select the fourth petal 
Image Rotate 135° 

File/Export/Picture Tube 
Cells across: 4 
Cells down: 1 
Tube Name: lilac petals

4. Assembling The Flower
New Image 500 x 500 
Edit/Save as: lilacs.psp 

Foreground Color: #A55DAF 
Background Color: #561D62 

Shape: Round 
Size: 25 
Hardness: 55 
Opacity: 55 
Step: 25 
Density: 35 

Dab on bits of color in the basic shape you want your flower to be 

5. Adding the petals
New raster layer: petals 1 
Open your lilac petals tube and change the Scale to 25 

Randomly place petals on the shape but don't fill it completely 
New raster layer: petals 2 
Add more petals in the open spots  

Make petals 1 the active layer 
Effects/Enhance Photo/Manual Color Correction 

Under Options 
Preserve lightness: not checked 
Preserve saturation: not checked 

Place cursor in the left window and draw out a box to surround the petals 
Click on the Custom color box and change the color to :#A55DAF 

You will see the image in the right window change color 
Click OK 

Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow 
Vertical: 2 
Horizontal: 2 
Opacity: 50 
Blur: 0 
Color: #561D62 
Make petals 2 the active layer 
Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow 
same as above 

Add a drop shadow to layer 1 

Layers/Merge/Merge Visible 

File/Export/Picture Tube 
Cells across: 1 
Cells down: 1 
Tube Name: lilac flower 
You can now use the tube to add another flower or 
follow the steps above and create a second one 

The branch 
Foreground Color: #81644D 
Background Style: Null 

Draw Tool 
Type: Freehand Line  
Width: 8 
Antialias: checked 

New raster layer: branch 
Drag this layer to the bottom 

Draw a branch 
Foreground Color: #406733 

Airbrush - same settings as above 

Magic Wand 
Click on any blank part of the canvas 

Spray some green down near the flowers 

Retouch Tool:  Smudge 
Shape: Round 
Size: 8 
Hardness: 50 
Opacity: 70 
step: 1 
Density: 50 

Smudge the green slightly so it sort of blends in 

Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel 
shape #2 
Width: 8 
Depth: 7 

Shininess: 37 
Color: white 
Angle: 315 
Intensity: 30 
Elevation: 53 

7. Now Some Leaves
Foreground Style: null 
Background Color: #406733 

Draw Tool 
Type: Freehand Line 
Antialias: checked 

Draw some leaves  
We will be using the retouch tool on them so only draw one or two per layer 

Retouch Tool 
I used the same settings as for the petal 

Magic Wand 
Click on any blank part of the canvas 

Effects/Blur/Gaussian Blur 
Radius: 1.00 
Remember to add some leaves behind the flowers also. 

I added a slight drop shadow to each layer 
Horizontal: 2 
Vertical: 2 
Opacity: 50 
Blur: 2 
Color: Black 

Layers/Merge/Merge Visible  
Export as a tube 
You're Done

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial



©Doodles by LadyFox  05/11/03

If you have any questions or need help,  feel free to email me LadyFox

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