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Inspired by Wompie's Lace Edged Hearts tutorial.  Thanks Wompie.

Tutorial done with PSP6 but should work in other versions.  
Large screen shots so you can see the details better.

Paint Shop Pro  -   Download a trial version
file containing 
a basic knowledge of vectors, the Bezier curve and layers.

STEPS - How I did mine

Drag the arrow to mark your place

1. The Heart
New image400 x 400 
Save as: Heart.psp 
Foreground color: red #FF0000 

Draw Tool  
Type: Bezier Curve 
Style: Filled 
Antialias checked 
Create as Vector checked 

Draw half of the heart 
Vector Object Selection Tool 
Use nodes and handles to shape 
When you are satisfied convert to raster. 

Duplicate and mirror the layer. 
Adjust the halves until you have a heart shape 

Merge the two heart layers 

Selection Tool 
Select heart 
Cut and Ctrl + L to paste it as a new layer 
This perfectly centers your heart on the page 

Now select the heart again and save to Alpha Channel 

Note: I always save shapes to Alpha Channel incase I decide I need it later. I always save a copy of my finished graphic in PSP format with all the layers for later use 


Image/Effects/Inner Bevel 
Depth: 5 
Ambience: 21 
Shininess: 65 
Color: #FFC0C0 
Angle: 315 
Intensity: 20 
Elevation: 46 

The heart is done 
Tube That Sucker!!

2. Preparing For The Next Part
Add a new layer below your heart and flood fill it with black.  You can turn this layer on or off as needed while working on the lace. 

Copy LF_heart-guide.psp and paste as a new layer below the heart 
Grab the LF_crystal.tex and drop it into the texture folder of Paint Shop Pro 

OK now you're ready for the next part

3. Drawing The Lace
Foreground Color: white 

Draw Tool 
Type: Bezier Curve 
Style: Stroked 
Antialias checked 
Create as Vector checked 

Draw scallops between each spoke of the Guide 
around half of the heart 
Vector Object Selection Tool 
Use nodes and handles to shape 
When you are happy with the scallops 
Duplicate the layer and turn off the original for now 

Working on the copy of the layer 
Convert to raster 

Chop off half of the bottom scallop 
Duplicate and mirror layer 
Merge the two scallop layers

4. Duplicating The Lace
Turn on the vector layer and drag it to the top. 
We will use these to add the shape to the scallop. 

Vector Object Selection Tool 
Click on each scallop and adjust to suit your taste 
Convert to raster 

Duplicate and mirror the layer 
Merge the 2 halves and lace1 
You can delete the guide now.

5. Filling the Scallops
Magic Wand  
Click outside the lace 
Hold down the shift key and click inside 
Invert selection 
Save to alpha channel 

Foreground color: white 
Flood fill  

6. Bevel The Lace
Image/Effects/Inner Bevel 
Depth: 5 
Ambience: 21 
Shininess: 65 
Color: white 
Angle: 270 
Intensity: 20 
Elevation: 46 
7. Texture The Lace
Texture: LF_cryatal.tex 
Click on the arrow next to the picture of the texture and go all the way to the end.  Should be the last one there. 
Size: 34 
Smoothness: 4 
Depth: 5 
Ambience: 0 
Shininess: 78 
Color: # white 
Angle: 315 
Intensity: 50 
Elevation: 30 
8. Adding Dots
New Layer 

Foreground Color: white 
Paint Brush 
Shape: Round 
Size: 6 
Hardness: 100 
Opacity: 100 
Step: 25 
Density: 100 

Add some dots below the scallops on one half 
Selection Tool  
Apply the inner bevel, texture and the cutout as above 

Duplicate the dot layer 
Select the dots in the bottom scallop and delete them. 
Mirror image 
Merge the two dot layers and the scallop layer

9. Add A Cutout
Selection Tool  
Select lace - do not float the selection 

New Layer 

Shadow color: # Black 
Opacity: 60 
Blur: 11.3 
Offsets: Vertical:0 Horizontal:0 

10. Fill The Lace
Open LF_fine linen.jpg 

Go to the lace layer 
Magic wand click outside 
Contract by 1 

New Layer 
Flood Fill with pattern  

Drag this layer under the heart. 

Adjust opacity to your taste 
I used 50 so the background would show through. 
Adjust opacity on the cut out layer. I used 50 here too. 

11. Your Heart Is Done
Turn off the black layer and merge visible 
Tube That Sucker!!
12. Final Touches
Turn on the black layer and replace it with the background or color of your choice 

Add some text if you want and you're done


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