Blanket Stitch Frame

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This tutorial was done with PSP9   
but could be done with other versions.

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.   
It is my hope that you will take what I provide 
and do your own thing with it. 



Paint Shop Pro -  Download a trial version 
Knit tube - If you haven't already made it the tute is
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers  

Remember to SaveOften
STEPS - These are the steps I used.

Drag the arrow to mark your place


Lets Begin

New Image 
File/Save As: 


Blanket Stitched Frame

  New Image 600x600

Gives us room to work

Picture Tube Tool [I]
Select the knit tube
Scale: 100
Step: 30
Placement mode: Continuous
Selection mode: Random
Place cursor at 48x52
Click once
Move cursor to 522x525
Hold down the Shift Key
Click Once

Image/ Rotate/ Free Rotate [Ctrl+R]
Direction: Right
Free: Checked 45.00
All layers: NOT Checked
Rotate single layer around canvas center: NOT Checked

Move Tool [M]
Move the image to the left

Layers/ Duplicate
Image/ Mirror
Layers/ Merge/ Merge Down

Layers/ Duplicate
Image/ rotate
90 degrees

Move Tool [M]
Move to line up the top and left stitches

Selection Tool [S]
Working between layers
move individual lines to line them up

Eraser Tool [X]
size: 45
Hardness: 100
Step: 25
Density: 100
Thickness: 100
Rotation: 0
Opacity: 100

Zoom in if needed and carefully erase
the line that sticks out

Layers/ Merge/ Merge Down

Magic Wand Tool
Mode: Replace
Match Mode: RGB Value
Tolerance: 25
Contiguous: Checked
Feather: 0
Anti-alias: NOT Checked

New Layer

Click the new layer
Image/ Crop to Selection [Shift+R]

This step removed any overhang
Move this layer to the bottom and fill with your background color

Image/ Canvas Size
width: 375
Height: 375
 adjust sizes based on your frame and the amount of border desired

Color the stitches as in the Background tutorial

Effects/ 3D Effects/ Drop Shadow

Offsets: both 2
Opacity: 25
Blur: 2.00
color: Black
Shadow on new layer: Checked

New Layer
Paint Brush [B]
Brush: +Round 10
Place a dot below the edge of each stitch on the top row

Layers/ Duplicate

Move into place on the bottom row

Layers/ Merge/ Merge Down

Layers/ Duplicate

Image/ Rotate/ Free Rotate [Ctrl+R]
Direction: Right
Degrees: 90

Adjust if needed

Layers/ Merge/ Merge Down

Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian Blur
Radius: 2.00

Adjust layer opacity to about 62


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