Indian Corn

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This tutorial was done with PSP7  
but could be done with other versions.

Paint Shop Pro - Download a trial version   
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers

Remember to SaveOften  
STEPS - These are the steps I used. 

Drag the arrow to mark your place

1. Lets Begin
New Image 100 x100 
File/Save As:  CornHusk.psp
2. Make the Husk Texture
Foreground Color: #E0D1BA 
Background color: 
Flood fill 

Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds 
Width: 5 
Opacity: 64 
Color: #D3BD8D 
Horizontal: unchecked 
Light from left/top: checked 

Effects/Sharpen/Sharpen More 

3. Make Some Indian Corn
New Image 300 x 300 
File/Save As: IndianCorn.psp
4. The Corn
NewRaster Layer: corn 

Foreground Color: #F4D9A0 
Background color: 
Flood fill  

Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds 
Width: 10 
Opacity: 44 
Color: #9F6F0F 
Horizontal: unchecked 
Light from left/top: checked 

Repeat the Blinds but with Horizontal: checked 

Open cdr_grid-10.psp  
Edit/Paste/Paste as new layer 
Mover Tool  
Move the grid around so it lines up with the lines in the corn layer 
This makes selecting individual kernels much simpler 

5. Color The Corn
Make the grid layer the active layer 
Magic Wand 

Click inside any box, hold down the shift key and select random kernels to colorize 

Keep selected - DO NOT FLOAT 

Switch back to your corn layer 


Effects/Enhance Photo/Manual Color Correction 
Options Box 
Preserve lightness: unchecked 
Preserve saturation: unchecked 
Click on the left magnifying glass to reduce the size of the view 
Click, hold and drag out a rectangle to enclose the graphic 

Go to the Color category window and scroll down  select: vegetables 
Click on the arrow next to the Preset colors window and choose: KidneyBean 
Click the OK button 

Back to the grid layer and select some more kernels, then recolor as above. 

Play around selecting different categories and colors. 

Also click on the Preserve boxes and see what happens - sometimes I like the effect with 
one or both checked, Play around 

Also experiment changing the color in the custom color window.  
Click on it for the color palette or right click for the last used color palette. 
Repeat these steps until you have as many kernels colored as you want. 
I also used Vegetables/Carrot and Woods/CypressNat 

Delete the Grid layer

6. Shape The Corn
Selections/Select all 
Selections/Modify/Contract  8 
 Deform Tool 
Hold down the Ctrl Key and click and drag the right bottom node toward the center about one quarter of the way. 
Release then click the center bottom node and drag upwards a little. 
Selection Tool 
Selection type: ellipse 
Feather: 0 
Antialias: checked 
Starting at about 150 x 100 drag out an ellipse the size & shape of your corn ear. 

Looks pretty good already, right?

7. Shade The  Corn
Effects/Noise/Add 15% Uniform 

Foreground color: #9F6F0F 
Magic wand 
Click anywhere on a clear space 
Add new Raster Layer: shading 
Shape: round 
Size: 12 
Hardness: 50 
Opacity: 56 
Step: 25 
Density: 52 
Spray on some shading around the edges 
Effects/Blur/Gaussian blur  Radius: 8 
Layers/Merge/Merge Visible 
Export as a tube

8. Add The Corn Husk
Percentage of Original: 75% 
Resize all layers: unchecked 

Select/Select all 
Ctrl + L to paste as a new layer.  This centers the graphic. 

NewRaster Layer: husk1 

Open CornHusk.psp minimize window 
Foreground color: 
Background color: pattern: CornHusk.psp 
Scale: 100% 
Angle: 348  for the right husks 
Angle: 12 for the left husks 
Draw Tool 
Type: Point to Point Line 
Antialias: checked 
Create as Vector: unchecked 
Close Path: checked 
Draw a husk 
Repeat for the other husks, I used 4 layers 2 in front of the corn and 2 behind

9. Shade The Husk
The steps below are the ones I used to create my corn.  They are only a guide and I hope you will experiment and try out your own ideas.  The brush settings are the ones I used on the step.  A word on the retouch brush, the smaller the size the more intense the change the larger the subtler the change so EXPERIMENT 

Now the fun part- Shading 
Here is what I did on husk1 
Select and float 
NewRaster Layer 
Foreground color: #9F6F0F 
Shape: round 
Size: 12 
Hardness: 33 
Opacity: 33 
Step: 25 
Density: 33 
Spray on some shading 
Effects/Blur/Gaussian Blur 
Radius: 8.00 

Turn off all layers except husk1 and shading 
Layers/Merge/Merge Visible 

Effects/Noise/Add  11% Uniform 
Retouch Tool 

Darken RGB 
Shape: Round 
Size: 20 
Hardness: 20 
Opacity: 20 
Step: 20 
Density: 100 

Lighten RGB 
Shape: Round 
Size: 15 
Hardness: 0 
Opacity: 55 
Step: 25 
Density: 35 

Shape: Round 
Size: 60 
Hardness: 33 
Opacity: 33 
Step: 25 
Density: 33 

Shape: Round 
Size: 10 
Hardness: 24 
Opacity: 41 
Step: 1 
Density: 41 

Layers/Merge/Merge Visible 
Colors/Adjust/Brightness and contrast 
Brightness: -10 
Contrast -5% 

File/Export/Picture tube 

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Tutorial

©Doodles by LadyFox  11/04/02

If you have any questions or need help,  feel free to email me LadyFox

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