Wrought Iron Plant Stand and
Potted Fern

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This tutorial was done with PSP8   
You will need PSP8 or higher [versions before PSP8 do not have the brushes]

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.   
It is my hope that you will take what I provide 
and do your own thing with it. 



Paint Shop Pro  -   Download a trial version   
Rounded line. 
     If you don't have one my Chocolates Tutorial shows how to make one
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers

Remember to SaveOften  
STEPS - These are the steps I used.

Drag the arrow to mark your place

This is another three part tutorial
Part 1 - The Plant Stand
Part 2 - The Pot
Part 3 - The Fern


Lets Begin

New Image 300 x 400
File/Save As:  fern.pspimage

Part 1 - The Plant Stand


 The Legs

New Vector Layer: leg

Pen Tool
Create as vector: checked
Mode: Draw

Segment type: Line Segments

Line style: Rounded
Width: 8.00

Foreground Color: Black #000000
Background: Null

Place the cursor at 180, 205
Draw the line to 180, 380

Mode: Edit

Right Click on the top node/ Node Type/ Curve After [Ctrl+2]
Right Click on the bottom node/ Node Type/ Curve before [Ctrl+1]

Use the Control Arm and Control Handle to shape the leg

Hold down the Ctrl key and move the mouse over the curve until you see + ADD, then click the left mouse button to add a new node

Use the new node and the bottom node to make a nice curve for the foot

Layer Palette
Right Click on leg/ Duplicate

Object Selection Tool
Click on any blank space

Image/ Mirror

New Vector Layer: leg 3

Pen Tool
Place the cursor at 150, 200
Draw the line to 150, 380


 Lower Shelf

New Vector Layer: shelf

Preset Shape:Ellipse
Anti-alias: Checked
Create as vector: Checked

Click on the Swap Materials Arrow

To reverse them 

Place the cursor at 115, 350
Drag an ellipse out to 180, 370

Layers/ Duplicate
Layers/ Arrange/ Move Down

Object Selection Tool
Click on any blank space

Click on the ellipse
Hold down the Ctrl Key and tap the Down Arrow 3 times

This gives the shelf a little depth



New Vector Layer: top

Preset Shape: Ellipse
Place the cursor at 90, 175
Drag an ellipse out to 205, 200

Layers/ Duplicate
Layers/ Arrange/ Move Down

Click on the ellipse
Hold down the Ctrl Key and tap the Down Arrow 5 times

Click on the top node and pull upwards slightly


 Export as a Preset Shape - Optional

Need help exporting a shape see my mini tutorial on Saving Preset Shapes



Layer Palette
Right Click on each layer/ Convert to Raster Layer

Make leg the active layer
Effects/ 3D Effects/ Inner Bevel

Apply the bevel to each layer
Layers/ Merge/ Merge Visible

Layer Palette
Double click on Merged
Rename: stand

Tube The Stand - Optional

Part 2 - The Pot


 The Pot

New Image 100 x 100
File Save As: pot

Effects/ Artistic Effects/ Balls and Bubbles
Click the arrow to see the dropdown presets

Select: galvanized
Click OK

Selection tool
Selection type: Rectangle
Mode: Replace
Feather: 0
Anti-alias: Not Checked

Select the top half of the ball

Tap the Del key
Selections/ None [Ctrl+D]

Select a small area of the bottom

Tap the Del key
Selections/ None [Ctrl+D]

Layers/ Duplicate
Select most of the bottom, leaving just enough for a rim

Tap the Del key
Selections/ None [Ctrl+D]

Effects/ 3D Effects/ Inner Bevel
Same settings as above

Layers/ Merge/ Merge Visible

Adjust/ Hue and Saturation/ Colorize [Shift+L]
Hue: 146
Saturation: 63


 Export AS A Picture Tube - Optional


 Place The Pot On The Stand

Selections/ All [Ctrl+A]
Edit/ Copy [Ctrl+C]

Open fern.pspimage
Edit/ Paste/ Paste As New Layer

Use the Mover Tool to move the pot into place on the stand

Close pot.pspimage

Part 3 - The Fern



This is the palette of colors I used

Copy and paste it in your work space
Move it out of the way

Open fern.pspimage
New Raster Layer

Pen Tool
Simple mode: checked
Mode: Freehand
Line style: + solid
Width: 1

Foreground Color: A light green from the palette
I am using red so it will show better in the screen shot

Draw a couple of guidelines for the first fronds

Paint Brush
Click the arrow to select the brush tip: Line Left

Size: 32
Hardness: 50
Step: 10
Density: 100
Thickness: 4
Rotation: 135
Opacity: 100
Blend Mode: Normal
Continuous: Checked
Wet look paint: Not checked

F11 to open the Brush Variance window
Color Blend - normal - 45
Size - Oscillating Fade - 0
Rotation - Normal - 45

Dropper Tool
Foreground Color: Select a light color from the palette
Background Color: Select a dark color from the palette

The arrows show the direction for brushing the leaves
Start outside and brush toward the center

I work from the tip to the end and one side at a time

Change the rotation on the Brush Toolbar if needed

Continue adding fronds until the fern is as full as you want it
I usually have no more than three fronds on a layer

I change the colors often too 
Try to keep the lighter fronds toward the front and the darker ones at the back

Effects/ Drop Shadow
Vertical Offset: 1
Horizontal Offset: 1
Opacity: 100
Blur: 1
Color: #343D17

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

 Results Of My Testers


©Doodles by LadyFox  09/20/04

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