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This tutorial was done with PSP9   
but could be done with other versions.

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.   
It is my hope that you will take what I provide 
and do your own thing with it. 



Paint Shop Pro -  Download a trial version 
MuRa's Copy Plugin
      Unfortunately MuRa has closed her website,
      however her terms allow sharing of her filters

Font - KR All Heart  
Simple Filters - Pizza Slice Mirror
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers

Remember to SaveOften  
STEPS - These are the steps I used.

Drag the arrow to mark your place


Before You Start

Unzip the plugin and place it in your plugin folder
You will need to restart Paint Shop Pro before they will show up


Lets Begin

New Image 500x500
File/Save As:  DingbatFun
Open Font: KR All Heart

Foreground Style: NULL
Background Color: Black #000000


 Place The Letter

Text Tool
Create as: Floating
Font: KR All Heart
Size: 72
Stroke width: 1.0
Alignment: Center
Anti-alias: Sharp

Click somewhere on the page
Type the letter G
Selections/Select None

Select Script: CenterLayer
Click the run arrow


 The Plugin

Effects/ Plugins/ MuRa/ Copies
Use the default settings

Effects/ Plugins/ MuRa/ Copies
Change Number to: 6


 Make It Into A Pattern

Effects/ Reflection Effects/ Pattern
Horizontal offset: 0
Vertical offset: 0
Rotation angle: 90
Scale factor: 1
Number of Columns: 4
Number of rows: 17
Horizontal shift: 13
Vertical shift: 3



 Crop The Image

You can crop this tile several ways to form different fills
[Shift + D] to duplicate the tile 
 Work from the copy

Crop to make a smaller seamless tile
File/ Save As: tile-1 
Close this tile and go back to the original
Shift + D to duplicate the tile 
Work from the copy

Crop just a row of flowers
File/ Save As: flowers


 Custom Brush

Turn the flowers into a custom brush
Selections/ Select All [CTRL+A]
Selections/ Float [CTRL+F]

Paint Brush [B]

Tool Options palette, click the Brush Tip drop-down list 

Click the Create Brush Tip button 

Type in a name for your brush
I put my initials and the underscore at the beginning of the name on all my tubes and brush tips 
This forces my stuff to be grouped together and making it easier to find  them, it also identifies them as my tubes and brush tips


 Now your brush is ready to use

Open a new Image 400x400
File/ Save As: frame-1
Foreground Color: #FF4040

Paint Brush [B]
Select your new brush tip

Position the brush near the top left corner
Click the left mouse button once

Move the brush to the bottom left corner
Hold down the Shift Key and Click the left mouse button once

Change Rotation to 90
Position the brush near the top left corner
Note: I lined up the first flowers
Click the left mouse button once

Move the brush to the top right corner
Hold down the Shift Key and Click the left mouse button once

You can repeat the above steps for the other side of the frame
Layers Duplicate
Edit/ Flip
Edit/ Mirror

Use the Move tool [M] to line up the two parts
Layers/ Merge/ Merge Visible

Run the CenterLayer Script if needed


 More Options

I used this frame for a Scrapbook page

Click to find out how I finished the edge


 Back to DingbatFun

Shift+D to duplicate the tile 
Work from the copy

Effects/ Plugins/ Simple/ Pizza Slice Mirror

You now have several more frame options 

File/ Save As:work-1 [F12]

Freehand Selection Tool
Selection type: Point to point
Mode: Replace
Feather: 0
Smoothing: 0
Anti-alias: NOT Checked

Top left corner
Click once on the blank space between the first and second 

Move the cursor to the top right corner and click on a blank space
Move down to the bottom Right Corner and click
Move to the Bottom Left Corner and click
Then back to the starting point and double click

Tap the Del Key

File/ Save Copy As: frame-2 [Ctrl+F12]

Edit/ Undo Clear
Keep Selected

Selections/ Invert [Ctrl+Shift+I] 
Tap the Del Key

Selections/ Select None [Ctrl+D]

Freehand Selection Tool

Following the steps above remove everything except the edge frame

File/ Save Copy As: frame-3 [Ctrl+F12]

Continue creating frame as desired
Save and Close work-1


Another Frame
I thought this frame looked like lace

Click to find out how I finished this one


More Fun
Open up your tile-1

New Image 200x200
File Save As: Quilt-1

Foreground Style: Pattern
Select tile-1

Flood Fill the new image with the pattern

Effects/ Reflection Effects/ Kaleidoscope
Horizontal offset: 0
Vertical offset: 0
Rotation angle: 45
Scale factor: -10
Number of petals: 8
Number of orbits: 0
Radial suction: 0
Warp: Marked

You now have a nice quilt block
and Close

To go to Part TWO

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