Black Pencil Effect

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This tutorial was done with PSP9   
but could be done with other versions.

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.   
It is my hope that you will take what I provide 
and do your own thing with it. 



Paint Shop Pro -  Download a trial version 

Image of your choice or
you can use the one I used. Which came from here
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers  

Remember to SaveOften
STEPS - These are the steps I used.



[Shift+D] to Duplicate Image
Close original

File/Save As:blackpencil.pspimage

Image/Resize [Shift+S]

Pixel Dimensions
50 percent

Resample using: Bilinear: Checked
Lock aspect ratio: Checked
Resize all layers: Checked

Adjust/ Sharpness/ Sharpen

Layers/ Duplicate 2 times
You should now have 3 layers



Active layer: Copy of Raster 1
Turn off top layer

Effects/ Art Media Effects/ Black Pencil
Light Relief
Detail: 99
Opacity: 46

Change the opacity of this layer to about: 50


Turn on the top layer and make it the active layer
Effects/ Art Media Effects/ Black Pencil
Detail: 90
Opacity: 100

Adjust the opacity of this layer to about: 35
Change Blend Mode to: Overlay

Layers/ Merge/ Merge Visible

Add a frame or matt and you are done

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial



©Doodles by LadyFox  06/03/09

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