Animated Bats

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This tutorial was done with PSP9   
but could be done with other versions.

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.   
It is my hope that you will take what I provide 
and do your own thing with it. 



Paint Shop Pro -  Download a trial version 
Animation Shop Used to come bundled with Paint Shop Pro 7, 8 and 9
Unfortunately Corel did not continue that practice with PSPX
Animation Shop  -  You can purchase it
I have included the sky and moon I used
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers  

Remember to SaveOften
STEPS - These are the steps I used.

Drag the arrow to mark your place

  PSP 9 added a new feature to the preset tools tool bar X and Y coordinates
For those who have earlier versions of PSP or who just prefer to use them
I am including the coordinates I use in {140x118 to 163x154}
The X and Y coordinates will be shown as a screen shot


Lets Begin

New Image 300x300
File/Save As: bats.pspimage


 The Body

New Vector Layer: body

Preset Shape Tool
Mode: Draw Ellipse
Create On Vector: Checked
Show Nodes: Checked
Anti-alias: Checked

Foreground Style: Null
Background Color: Black

Draw a small ellipse for the body
{140x118 to 163x154}

Click the 1+ sign on the Overview palette to zoom in

Pen Tool
Mode: Edit

Layer Palette
Click the eye next to body to turn off the fill

Objects/ Convert To Path

Click on one of the side nodes
Hold down the Shift Key and click the other side node
Tap the up arrow on the key pad 6 times

Click on any blank spot to deselect

Add 2 nodes

Select new nodes hold down the Shift Key and click the other new node
Right Click/Node Type/Cusp

While still selected
tap the up arrow key 10 times
Click on any blank spot to deselect

Click on the left top node
Tap the left arrow key 6 times

Click on the right top node
Tap the right arrow key 6 times

Adjust nodes to your liking

Click Apply

Layer Palette
Click the eye next to body to turn the fill back on


 The Wings

New Vector Layer: r wing

Pen Tool [P]
Mode: Draw Point to Point - Bezier Curves
Tracking: 5
Connect Segments: Checked
Create On Vector: Checked
Show Nodes: Checked

Using the screenshot as a guide
Click along to the basic shape you want for the wing
 I changed the color of my bats body so you can see the wing better

Pen Tool [P]
Mode Edit
Adjust nodes to smooth

Click Apply

Layers/ Duplicate
Image Mirror
Rename this layer: l wing

Active Layer: body
Object Selection Tool

Right Click on the body/ Align Object/ Horz Center In Canvas

The body and each wing should be on their own layer
Adjust wings if needed

Convert each layer to a Raster Layer


 Change The Wing Positions

Duplicate each layer of the bat
Turn off the view to the three copy layers

Make sure one of the visible layers is the active layer
Layers/Merge/Merge Visible

Rename the merged layer Bat1

Turn it off for now and make the other three bat layers visible

Make Copy of l wing the active layer
Image/ Rotate/ Free Rotate
Direction: left
Free: 70
All layers: NOT Checked
Rotate single layer around canvas center: NOT Checked

Use the Move Tool to move the wing into place

Repeat for the other wing except rotate it to the right

Merge the three copy layers and rename them bat2

Turn bat1 back on

Active Layer: Raster 1
Add the background of your choice


 Add Another Bat

Duplicate each bat layer

Active Layer: Copy of bat 1
Turn off all the other bat layers

Image/ Resize [Shift+S]
Under Pixel Dimensions
Width: 125
Height: 125
Select: Percent
Resample using: Checked - Select Bicubic
Maintain original print size: NOT Checked
Lock aspect Ratio: Checked
Resize all layers: NOT Checked

Use the Move Tool [M] to move him where you want him

Active Layer: Copy of bat 2

Image/ Resize [Shift+S]

Use the Move Tool [M] to line him up with copy of bat 1

Turn on all layers
Here is what we have so far

Save this file but keep it open


 The Animation

  File/ JASC Software Products/ Launch Animation Shop

We will be switching back and forth between the two programs for now

PSP = Paint Shop Pro
Turn off: bat 2 and Copy of bat 1

Edit/ Copy Merged [Ctrl+Shift+C]

AS = Animation shop
Right Click/ Paste as New Animation [Ctrl+V]

Turn on: bat 2 and Copy of bat 1
Turn off: bat 1 and Copy of bat 2

Edit/ Copy Merged [Ctrl+Shift+C]

Edit/ Paste/ After Current Frame [Shift+Ctrl+L]

You can now close PSP

If you click on the filmstrip thing on the tool bar you will see the bat flying. However he is going ninety miles an hour

Close the flying image

Edit/ Select All [Ctrl+A]
Click on Animation/ Frame Properties
Display time: 40

Click the filmstrip thing again to view the animation

File/Save As: bat.gif

Click on the slider under Quality vs. Size
Select: Standard settings selected, level 3 [setting shows in the window]



©Doodles by LadyFox  10/22/06

If you have any questions or need help,   feel free to email me LadyFox


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