Wooden Basket

I live in a Boy Scout Camp so during the summer I am the Handicrafts director and Basketry is one of the things I teach. When I saw the basket of apples being held by the pilgrim girl in Karen's tutorial I fell in love with it. 
I emailed Karen and she graciously granted me permission to try and duplicate it. 

Thanks Karen
Unfortunately her site has closed
©Doodles by LadyFox  10/28/03

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This tutorial was done with PSP8   

All of my tutorials are written following the steps I used to make my graphic.   My idea of a good tutorial is one that shows you how to do something and inspires you to add your own style

Paint Shop Pro   -    Download a trial version    
 Simple/Quick tile  -
 Apple tube or tube of your choice
Basic knowledge of vectors and layers

Remember to SaveOften
STEPS - These are the steps I used.

Drag the arrow to mark your place

1. The Wood Tile
New Image  5 x 100
File/Save As:  wood.pspimage

Flood Fill with #B36E29 
Adjust/Add Remove Noise/Add Noise
Noise 59%
Uniform: checked
Monochrome: checked

In the Pixel Dimensions section
Width: 4000 Percent
Height: 100

In the bottom section:
Resample using: Checked
pick Bicubic from the drop down window
Maintain original print size: not checked
Lock aspect ratio: not checked
Resize all layers: checked

Adjust/Blur/Motion blur
Angle: 90
Strength: 45

Effects/Plugins/Simple/Quick Tile

Retouch Brush: Smudge
Brush Tip: +Default
Shape: round
Size: 15
Hardness: 48
Step: 16
Density: 50
Thickness: 100
Rotation: 0
Opacity: 61
Sample Merged: not checked

Smudge a little more
2. Make A Custom Line
Pen Tool
Line Style: +solid
Click on the Line Style box
Click Custom

1. In the First Cap Window
Click the drop down arrow
Pick: Rounded
Click Size: 2.00

2. In the Last Cap Window
Click the drop down arrow
Pick: Rounded
Click Size: 2.00

3. length: 1.00

4. Save as New
Name it: rounded
3.  Lets Begin
New Image: 500 x 400
File/Save As: basket.pspimage

Foreground: Null
Background Pattern: wood
Angle: 90
Scale: 100
4. The First Slat
New Vector Layer: center
Preset Shape Tool
Shape: rectangle
Antialias: checked
Create as vector: checked

Draw a thin rectangle
Object Selection tool
Click on the rectangle to select
Objects/Align/Horz Center in Canvas

Pen Tool
Simple Mode: checked
Mode: Edit Mode

Click on a node
Right Click/Curve Before
Right Click Curve After

Use the node arms to adjust the slat as desired
5. Right Slats
New Vector Layer: right
Draw two more rectangles for slats

Object Selection tool
Click on the rectangle to select
Hold down the Shift Key and click on the
right center node, then move the mouse up slightly to skew the shape

Pen Tool
Simple Mode: checked
Mode: Edit Mode

Use the nodes to shape as desired

Object Selection tool
Click on any blank spot to deselect
6. Left Slats

Click the + sign next to the duplicated layer
Hold down the Shift Key and click on each of the Rectangle
Drag them to the center layer
Delete the copy layer

Click the + next to the right layer
Hold down the Shift Key and click on each of the Rectangle
Drag them to the center layer
Delete the right layer

Now all the slats are on the same layer
7. Another Wood Tile
Click on the wood tile
Hold down the shift Key and Type D to make a duplicate
Minimize the wood tile
Click on the copy
File/Save As: wood 2

Adjust/Brightness and Contrast/Brightness/Contrast
Brightness: -35
Contrast: 0

Adjust/Blur/Motion Blur
Angle: 90
Strength: 45
8. Give The Slats Some Depth
Layers/Arrange/Move Down

Click the + sign next to the copy 

In the Layer Palette
Hold down the Shift Key and Click on each Rectangle to select them all
Right click/Properties
Click on the Fill box and select wood 2

Note: You will have to turn off the center layer to see the difference

Object Selection tool
You should see the box around all the slats
Click the center node on the Right and pull the box towards the center slightly 
Click the center node on the left and pull toward the center slightly
click the center top node and pull up slightly.
Notice the slats now have some depth

Pen Tool
Mode: Edit
Line up the edges of the slats if needed
9. The Bands
New Vector Layer: bands

Foreground: wood
Background Pattern: Null
Angle: 0
Scale: 100

Pen Tool
Create as vector: checked
Mode: Drawing Mode 
Segment Type: Line Segments
Line Style: rounded
Width: 8.00
Antialias: checked

Hold down the shift key and
Draw three straight lines for the bands

Change Mode to: Edit Mode

Click on one of the left nodes
Right click/Node Type/Curve After
Click on one of the right nodes
Right click/Node Type/Curve Before
Repeat for the other four nodes
Using the node arms curve the bands 
so they sort of follow the curve of the top
of the basket

Since I wanted to fill my basket I did not complete the back section. 
10. Save as a Preset Shape
File/Save - This is an Important step
Object Selector Tool
Draw a box around the entire basket
Right click/Group
Click the + next to the grouped layer
Click on Group 1/rename it basket-wood

New Raster Layer
Preset Shape Tool
Shape: Basket-wood
Retain Style: checked
Anti-alias: Checked

Draw out a basket to make sure it works

If I like the shape I then close my image
Without saving again.
11. Finish Off The Basket
Reopen and I am back where I was before I grouped things

I like keeping a copy in vectors so I do
Shift + D 
Then File/Save as: basket-vectors
Then close the copy 

Back in the original image
Click the first vector layer
Layers/Convert to Raster
Repeat for each vector layer

Make bands the active layer
Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel

Bevel #11
Width: 12
Smoothness: 58
Depth: 4
Ambience: 0
Shininess: 0
Color: white
Angle: 315
Intensity: 44
Elevation: 30

Make center the active Layer
Apply the above Inner Bevel
But change
Bevel to: #1
Depth: 2

Repeat on Copy of center

Merge the two slat layers
Effects/3D Effects/Drop shadow
Vertical: -1
Horizontal: 3
Opacity: 50
Blur: 3
Color: Black

Bands layer
Effects/3D Effects/Drop shadow
Vertical: 3
Horizontal: 3
Opacity: 50
Blur: 3
Color: Black
12. Tube And Fill
Layers/Merge Visible

File/Export/Picture Tube

Add a new Raster Layer
Layers/Arrange/Move Down

Grab your favorite apple tube and fill your basket
I put my apples on several layers and applied the same drop shadow 
as on the bands.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Tutorial


©Doodles by LadyFox  10/28/03
If you have any questions or need help,  
Feel free to email me LadyFox